Saturday, July 08, 2006

Brilei's Party

Noah's first invitation to a birthday party came from his cousin Brilei. She turned 2 on June 9th. We went to Chucky Cheese for the party and had a grand time!!
The next day there was a shower for Noah...
He knows how to make himself at home!!
Grampa Ted holding his grandson for the first time!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Noah's Shots

Today Noah went to his two month check up. He had five shots-two in one leg and three in the other! He only cried while each shot was being administered, but stopped as soon as the needle came out-What a trooper! He weighed 11lbs 9oz and was 23.25 inches long.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

All Smiles!

I started to "socially smile" about two weeks ago.
These are some of my first smiles caught on film...
Bed Head!
Talking to Mommy!

Time with Baga

My "Baga"(the name my cousin Brilei gave my gramma Mary) showing me the picture of farm animals!
What a Day!

Bolin's visit

One night during the Bolin Grandparents stay we had homemade pizza by gramma and daddy. Papa Dean came over and ate with us too.

One of my first baths!
Getting tummy time on my surfboard that Pam and Gordon Cook family got for me at my shower!
Me and my big sis...She is a good protector!

G&G Bolin's see me for the first time!

Noah's Gramma and Grampa Bolin and Uncle James
seeing Noah for the first time!
Pam, Dave and James came to visit Noah May 15-22. The boys played a lot of video games and Noah was sure to have someone holding him at all times...Especially his Gramma!!! My swelling began to subside around this time and this made it easier for me to get out and about. We visited the lab on Wednesday and ate Satchel's Pizza- a hometown favorite. On Thursday, we had pictures made at JCPenny's with the grandparents too.

Me and My Belly...

Noah posing by his belly cast...
"I used to fit in there!?!?"

"Well I guess I did!!!"

I'm going home:)

Baby Noah coming home from the hospital in his little turtle suit!! 5/9/06