Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a......


Baby! We've decided to wait until the little Bolin enters the world to find out whether we are having a boy or girl. Here are the pics from our appointment of the very healthy baby. If you ask Noah if he is having a brother or sister, he will inform you that it is a sister. Ashley refered to the baby as him and Noah promptly corrected that the baby is a her. Enjoy the pics and for those of you that wanted to know we will repost with the sex of the baby in about 20 weeks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ultrasound decisions

So, Matt and I are again on opposite sides of the debate when it comes to whether or not to find out what we are having...only this time he wants to and I do not- ha! So we go on Wednesday for the ultrasound and have not totally made the decision whether or not to find out. We are planning on having the Ultrasound Tech write down what it is on a card and seal it. Matt and I are going to open the envelope...we just haven't decided the timing. I think it would be fun to wait this time...however I am not petrified by the thought of having another boy. I now know how to be the mommy to a little boy. Noah says he is going to have a sister because he is a brother. But when I ask him, "what happens if mommy has another boy?" His respose is, "well then you will have two boys," which I think is so funny! I think it would be fun for Matt to be able to call and make the announcement, "It's a _____" but we can do that at anytime... so I guess in the next few hours the decision will be made...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A new tax write off is coming...

With the season of taxes upon us, we went to have ours prepared ...found out that we owe the state of Iowa almost $1000! In case you haven't heard, Matt and I are preparing for a move back to Florida where we will not be paying the 7.9% state income tax any longer. Florida does not have any state income tax and even sales tax rates are similar. We are waiting to hear back on Matt's interview and are excited to be starting a new chapter in life. We have been really busy getting the house ready to be on the market. Our realtor came today and took some pictures. My friends Melissa and Sue have been so much help. They have spent many hours with me helping me get ready...or should I say me helping them. It has been really nice to have someone to tell me what to do. Seems so hard when it is your stuff to know what to pack and what to leave out for now. What a blessing it is to have people who support you in your decisions wholly and are there with you even when they don't want you to leave. Melissa cried when I told her I was leaving, but has spent many hours here helping me get the house ready for prospective buyers. Friends like that are hard to come by!

Here are a few pictures of our house similar to the ones that will be on the website later from our realtor

Living Room


Downstairs bathroom Matt and his grampa finished! Looks amazing!!!!
And, Matt and I are going to have another tax write off, in the form a child!

Due Sept 4th, ultrasound April 14th.