Sunday, December 13, 2009

traveling trio

After we left Charlotte, we headed to Trilby. We spent the evening with my mom and gramma. Met up with Mrs. H and Shay Lynn and Ethan at Alderman's Ford Park which was our first time meeting him! What a treat to see that little guy. When Mrs. H had to go, Mom, Matt, Noah, Gramma and I walked the entire trail. Gramma made it all the way around. We were all so proud of her! The next day we spent time with Bran Dee, Coleman, and Titan at Chuck E Cheese and had a great time catching up. We headed up to Jacksonville by way of Gainesville to see Amy and Jon Leftwich's brand new little one, Megan. I don't have any pictures:(

We stayed in Jacksonville with Amy and Matt and the girls and we did take pictures! We had such a great Thanksgiving and I know my Matt was glad to have some man company. Noah and Brilei had such a good time playing together...the wii was a huge hit and they played for hours! I know Noah misses his cousins!

Presslei time!

Yummy! So blessed!

Family, nothing better!

Noah conked out before we ate...Bri wanted to be in the pic too...She is beautiful isn't she?

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So I guess it has been quite awhile again since you all heard from me in this form anyway...

Many events have taken place since I last posted. One of those being Halloween. What is really puzzling is how I made it through Halloween without getting a picture of Noah standing up in his costume! I have one head shot of him at a festival we went to at one of the local churches, but none of his wonderful tail. So, for that I am stealing one of Pam's pictures off Dave's profile on facebook:)

This year I had planned to make Noah's costume again, but as I was looking for ideas at target, I came across this costume and it was only $6.49!!! Couldn't pass it up!

We also changed up the dining room a bit and here are the results including the normal dining room clutter:
Leigh Anne: Seeing this picture made me think of you...can you figure out why???

We have been on a few field trips also with preschool. We went to the dentist and also to Heartland Farms. Enjoy the pictures.

We also went to the World Dairy Expo and spent the weekend with Pam and Dave. We had a lot of fun, but again I didn't take very many pictures...just have the one...

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I honestly do not know the time went...Preschool, Matt working, Pampered Chef shows, etc. On November 19th, we packed up after a Pampered Chef event and headed to Charlotte. Matt and I drove through the night and arrived in Charlotte at 4pm the next day. It was really seeing Katie, Jimmy, and Isaac. We picked up right where we left off. We had so much fun AND Katie and I won hand and foot!!! Enjoy the pictures...

Noah and Isaac on a blanket ride

Justa swingin

Noah giving Isaac a ride

Monday, September 28, 2009

Noah's 3yo and Preschool Pics

We finally had some pictures taken of Noah...The last time was the "gator family" pics and he was two. I hope you enjoy them!

♪♫ I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor ♫ ♪


"I'm ready for school now!"

Ones we liked but did not purchase

Checking out the scenery...

Looks like he's growing up!


Mommy's favorite!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

When Noah and I arrived back to Iowa, I had to go set up for the Bremer County Fair where I had a Pampered Chef booth. The next morning, Noah participated in what I have always known as "pee-wee" showmanship. I forget what they actually called it, but I like the name pee-wee better anyway ;) At first, Noah was not too sure about showing a calf. But after a little coaxing and bribery, Noah decided to participate. Gramma Mavis was really bummed because she had to have back surgery about a week before the fair and was not able to come down to the fair to see this, but she got to see some of the excitement. I took a few short videos and if you know ANYthing about showing, you should get a kick out of this.

Noah practicing

Noah walking in for the real deal

Is he showing the calf? or himself?

speech faux pas

Noah started speech again today with a new teacher at the school a few blocks from our house. We rode our bikes over today and it took us 4mins to get there. One really funny quote from Noah, I have to set the scene...

Speech Therapist (ST): Holding up a book about animals who are waiting for the school bus trying to prompt some language "When we read a book we turn the..."

Noah: "moder on!" (meaning the motor on the school bus we think?!?!)

ST: Looking confused, repeats "When we read a book we turn the..."

Noah: "lights on!"

Just thought everyone would get a chuckle out of this. Matt, ST, and I all laughed hysterically, especially me. In fact I am cracking up writing this, but maybe you had to be there?!?!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time gone by

More time passed after Noah's birthday party in Iowa. In fact, I am really not sure where the entire month of June went. I, of course, already posted Noah's 4th of July picture on the last blog post. We enjoyed the Shell Rock parade this year and the rain and 60 degree weather?!?-What?!? Yes, I really do mean 60 degrees! It was the first 4th of my life that required a jacket and long pants. I was not impressed to say the least...but at least I wasn't suffering from heat exhaustion. We enjoyed the fireworks later that evening. Noah was very impressed and the show was so much better than last years. There were hardly any of the small, really loud ones like the show last year. Kudos to Shell Rock!

About a week later, Noah headed to Chicago with Pam and Dave a day before I headed to Chicago for National Pampered Chef Convention. I had a great time with my friend Melissa on the trip and also had Becky and Loretta as our roommates. My team with Pampered Chef has been growing and I am really excited because I have a goal to promote to Advanced Director by December of this year. We are also earning a family trip to Disney World and I still need every one's help to be able to make it there!

Our limo for the ride to Chicago!

Melissa and I meet up with WAHOOOO Woman!

Jean, Marla and Lisa show off their new ranks

After our Chicago escapades, Noah and I headed to Florida to meet the newest family member, Presslei Monroe Smith, Brilei's little sister. She is amazingly cute and amazingly hungry. That baby nursed every hour on the hour the entire time we were there! Please continue to pray for my sister and her husband Matt, for all of the emotional stresses of a newborn, marriage, move and new job! I think all of those qualify in the top 10 most stressful events in life and they did all in a few months!!

Presslei Monroe-one month old! Brilei wore this same outfit as a little one and I am looking for the picture of the two of us for a side by side comparison

Noah and Brilei enjoy dinner at Jimmy's parents. They had so much fun being spoiled that night!
When we left Florida, we headed to Indiana to visit Angie and Isabella! We had not seen each other for over 2 years and it was so good to catch up. Noah and Isabella enjoyed bowling at Angie's work. Noah is still talking about it!

Noah and Isabella...of course Noah picked out an orange ball.

watching the ball

Sunflowers from the farmers market in downtown Valparaiso, IN.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Well, I realize how long it has been since I have updated anyone. A plethora of things have been happening around here. I am just not sure I can remember them all, so here we go!

Noah celebrated his 3rd birthday while we were on a trip to Fl. The main reasons for us making the trip were for my sister's graduation and baby shower. We had a good time at Amy's graduation. We met Amy's in-laws. We celebrated Noah's birthday at a park and had a great time visiting with Jim, Cindy and Charley Hughlett, Mike, Helen and Julianne Lacey, Nancy Lacey.

A classic Amy look...:)

Noah getting ready to try out Jordan's new 3-D chalk

Here is his masterpiece!

Baga with the kiddos!

Amy giving Presslei (in-utero) a kiss!

We also were fortunate enough to visit Disney World. This was Noah's first trip to Disney and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Noah's favorite ride was Dumbo and the funniest part about that is that we had to wait in line longer for Dumbo than any other ride! Baga and Brilei decided to go see something else while we waited in line.

Our picture in front of Cinderella's Castle on the way in.

Before Phillar Magic

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Bolins

Baga and the grandkids

We also celebrated my dad's birthday with him and Noah had so much fun driving the mini golfcart that Papa Ted had.

On our way home from FL, we stopped through NC to see Jimmy, Katie and Isaac. It was so good to finally see them again. It had been about 1.5yrs since we had all been together. The boys had a blast playing together and so did Isaac and Noah- hehe! We, of course, played as many games as time allowed. We left a little teary-eyed, but glad to know we would see each other again in a few weeks when the Whitlocks had a trip to Iowa planned!
Our boys

Our guys being very humble winners...

The mama's and their boys...

Noah and Isaac enjoying their wagon ride

When we got back to Iowa, Lynda Stanley and I planned a 3yr old birthday party for Sananda and Noah. It was a lot of fun having our first big gathering at our house. Lynda made the wonderful cakes- thanks Lynda!
Behind the two of them you can see a small doll cake and a football cake made from the Pampered Chef Prep Bowl set by Lynda

Mocha Skillet Cake Lynda made in the 12" Stainless Pampered Chef Skillet

Sometime after the birthday party, we took advantage of Noah's birthday present from Pam and Dave- a trip to the Minneapolis Zoo! The zoo was a great trip and Noah got up close and personal with several of the zoo animals. Probably the best story of the day happened in this location.... Dave decided that he was going to try to scare Pam so he ran ahead and quickly dived into this cave. An innocent pair of ladies was walking by and did not stop to look at whatever it was that Pam stopped to show Noah. Matt and I could tell that the inevitable was about to happen, but not wanting to blow Dave's cover we tried as best we could to let Dave know that those ladies were coming, but about that time one leaned right down and stared Dave right in the face. Both of the ladies squealed and jumped back and everyone involved had a good laugh.
Wouldn't you be scared too?

Noah visiting with a Prairie Dog
Staring down a tiger

A classic shot from the butterfly garden

A few more pictures that I had on file...
Noah with a "biiiiig dandelion...heew, u bwo it!"

The Coreopsis close-up

Noah's 4th of July see the progression click here

In honor of my "gaganny" (toddler speak for granddaddy), Noah making monkey faces