Wednesday, September 09, 2009

When Noah and I arrived back to Iowa, I had to go set up for the Bremer County Fair where I had a Pampered Chef booth. The next morning, Noah participated in what I have always known as "pee-wee" showmanship. I forget what they actually called it, but I like the name pee-wee better anyway ;) At first, Noah was not too sure about showing a calf. But after a little coaxing and bribery, Noah decided to participate. Gramma Mavis was really bummed because she had to have back surgery about a week before the fair and was not able to come down to the fair to see this, but she got to see some of the excitement. I took a few short videos and if you know ANYthing about showing, you should get a kick out of this.

Noah practicing

Noah walking in for the real deal

Is he showing the calf? or himself?

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Whitlocks said...

Too funny. Of course Isaac loves these videos. Noah and cows what could be better.