Friday, September 04, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Well, I realize how long it has been since I have updated anyone. A plethora of things have been happening around here. I am just not sure I can remember them all, so here we go!

Noah celebrated his 3rd birthday while we were on a trip to Fl. The main reasons for us making the trip were for my sister's graduation and baby shower. We had a good time at Amy's graduation. We met Amy's in-laws. We celebrated Noah's birthday at a park and had a great time visiting with Jim, Cindy and Charley Hughlett, Mike, Helen and Julianne Lacey, Nancy Lacey.

A classic Amy look...:)

Noah getting ready to try out Jordan's new 3-D chalk

Here is his masterpiece!

Baga with the kiddos!

Amy giving Presslei (in-utero) a kiss!

We also were fortunate enough to visit Disney World. This was Noah's first trip to Disney and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Noah's favorite ride was Dumbo and the funniest part about that is that we had to wait in line longer for Dumbo than any other ride! Baga and Brilei decided to go see something else while we waited in line.

Our picture in front of Cinderella's Castle on the way in.

Before Phillar Magic

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Bolins

Baga and the grandkids

We also celebrated my dad's birthday with him and Noah had so much fun driving the mini golfcart that Papa Ted had.

On our way home from FL, we stopped through NC to see Jimmy, Katie and Isaac. It was so good to finally see them again. It had been about 1.5yrs since we had all been together. The boys had a blast playing together and so did Isaac and Noah- hehe! We, of course, played as many games as time allowed. We left a little teary-eyed, but glad to know we would see each other again in a few weeks when the Whitlocks had a trip to Iowa planned!
Our boys

Our guys being very humble winners...

The mama's and their boys...

Noah and Isaac enjoying their wagon ride

When we got back to Iowa, Lynda Stanley and I planned a 3yr old birthday party for Sananda and Noah. It was a lot of fun having our first big gathering at our house. Lynda made the wonderful cakes- thanks Lynda!
Behind the two of them you can see a small doll cake and a football cake made from the Pampered Chef Prep Bowl set by Lynda

Mocha Skillet Cake Lynda made in the 12" Stainless Pampered Chef Skillet

Sometime after the birthday party, we took advantage of Noah's birthday present from Pam and Dave- a trip to the Minneapolis Zoo! The zoo was a great trip and Noah got up close and personal with several of the zoo animals. Probably the best story of the day happened in this location.... Dave decided that he was going to try to scare Pam so he ran ahead and quickly dived into this cave. An innocent pair of ladies was walking by and did not stop to look at whatever it was that Pam stopped to show Noah. Matt and I could tell that the inevitable was about to happen, but not wanting to blow Dave's cover we tried as best we could to let Dave know that those ladies were coming, but about that time one leaned right down and stared Dave right in the face. Both of the ladies squealed and jumped back and everyone involved had a good laugh.
Wouldn't you be scared too?

Noah visiting with a Prairie Dog
Staring down a tiger

A classic shot from the butterfly garden

A few more pictures that I had on file...
Noah with a "biiiiig dandelion...heew, u bwo it!"

The Coreopsis close-up

Noah's 4th of July see the progression click here

In honor of my "gaganny" (toddler speak for granddaddy), Noah making monkey faces


The Birketts said...

Great blog! Man he is growing up so fast! Glad you guys had a great trip! Disney looked fun... the 3-D movie is one of our favorites there... so how did Noah do?... We want to take Megan in Jan or Feb... but don't know if she is ready for it yet? Take care... miss you all!

Lynda said...

Beautiful Coreopsis!
The party was fun!Sananda like seeing her picture on here. Glad your blogging again. :)
Hope Noah is feeling better. So sorry about that. :(

John and Carolyn White said...

I love that tiger pic! Thanks for sharing - I am missing you guys terribly - can't wait to see you at church tomorrow and MOPS next week. My double ovens are ready whenever you want to cook me some pizza - I'll make the sweet tea.

Heather and Her Guys said...

It was fun to read more details about all you have been up to, and loved the pictures! Nice seeing you at the park and then the birthday party. Let's make a dinner date... your family and my family at our house, you bring the pizza recipe ;)