Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthary

I know this is my first time doing a post on the blog, but I didn't misspell birthday. I wanted to create a post for Ashley's birthday and our anniversary. Ashley turns 26 on the 24th and we celebrate our 6th anniversary on the 26th. Since her and Noah are in Florida, I thought I would try to highlight just a few memorable times. It was not an easy task as most of our digital photos are on the good computer which I don't have. So I dug through the "old" printed photos, which was quite fun. Enjoy what I found.

Scanned from the scrapbook. Not ideal, but the only childhood photos I could find.

Ashleys' 19th birthday at Andy's Trout Farm.

21st birthday.

Ashley perfects the birthday bite.

2002 Spring Formal.

The day we got engaged at Disney.

God's work of art- My wife and the sunset behind us.

Proud parents.

Going to the Florida-Georgia game in Jax. (Gators won)

Noah's first cereal.

The most recent photo I had access to.

Happy Birthary

Wishing A Happy Birthary to you

Celebrating your birthday and our anniversary too

On July 24, 1983 you entered the world as a baby

Then 18 years later we met when you were just a young lady

That next summer I asked you to be my wife

Because I knew I wanted to be with you the rest of my life

Since our wedding day

We have celebrated life in many special ways.

That is why these two days just won't do

As each day is worth celebrating with you.

I love you Ashley


Bolins said...

Happy Birthday Ashley & Happy Anniversary to the both of you! That was such a great post! We love you guys!
Dan & Lynn

Jen said...

Awww..very sweet.

Heather and Her Guys said...

I'm going to cry... That is so sweet! Touching for Ashley and so fun for us to see all the pictures. Hope you enjoyed the special days and that you can enjoy some time together now that all the traveling is done.

The Williams family said...

So sweet!

Happy birthday and happy anniversary!

You guys are so perfect together!

Heather said...

Aww! This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I am so glad you are blogging. Seems like everyone we know has ditched blogger for facebook. Ahhhh!!! Happy Birthday and Anniversary!! I love keeping up with you here and look forward to a reunion in the future where we can visit and watch our kiddos play together!!! How fun would that be?

John and Carolyn White said...

I am crying, Matt - you are an awesome guy and you have a blessed family! We are honored to be called your friends!