Thursday, December 21, 2006


Daddy Matt and I took Noah to the mall to have his first encounter with Santa Clause. It was fun and I will have a picture or two to post at a later date!!! Also, if you would like an easy way to get to our Shutterfly albums, I created a link on the side of this page. If it asks you for a password and you do not already know it, just call or email me and I am happy to give it to you!

Pulling up, crawling, sitting up!

With in the last week Noah has made some huge developmental changes. He starting pulling himself up to standing when he is in his crib. This forced us to have to lower the crib mattress. He also began crawling, and do I ever mean crawling...He is into everything now: the Christmas tree, the dog's crate, electrical cords (those are his favorite!), books, and shoes (another favorite, but more easily moved out of reach!). Noah has also come to love his baby Beethoven by baby Einstein. I can now tell you what is on the screen when certain parts of Beethoven's 1,2,4, and various incidental pieces are on the screen...This means that I am either watching Noah watch this too much, or I am having Noah watch it too much...I haven't figured out which is true yet, but I know this is a way to occupy him for at least 20 mins. I put him in the jumperoo and he is contained and content. I said I wanted him to be crawling by Christmas and they always say be careful of what you ask for...I guess I should heed this advice more often. The final step was getting himself from the crawling position to sitting...He has been working on this for awhile and finally got it last night. He now very patiently walks his hand back until he can muscle the sitting position.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Noah 7mo. on the 7th of Dec.

Well today marks the 7th months Noah has been in our lives (outside of the womb that is). Yesterday, while I was on the phone to UF, he pushed himself from sitting to standing on the arm of the chair I had him sitting in! I was WOWed! He is still trying to get the hang of crawling, but does do a fabulous job of moving anyway. Forward, back, and round in circles have all been mastered. The last to come is the syncrinization of the arms and legs. He has also mastered the "mamama's" in his daily chatter. We have started baby sign following ASL. Noah really seems to be soaking it up! It may seem hoaky to those of you who haven't seen the results (as it did to me), but believe me it save much frustration for you and the baby. My niece Brilei used sign language and it was so nice to know when she was hungry, thirsty, finnished or wanted more. Well that is all for now. I still have yet to upload the pictures to the previous posts, but have not forgotten that I have not...until then...