Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Foster 18mo and Noah 6yo Photos with Linda

We had pictures made with Linda Bainter at Lovin' the Light. You can see more of her work at the link. She always has great ideas for photos. Next time we are with Linda, Matt will be there with us. This time it wasn't possible. Enjoy her work!

Bolin's May visit and Noah's 6th birthday

Some of the things Noah is good at right now: trick shots on the bball hoop on the porch, telling time, counting money, and trying to occupy his brother. He also learned to swim this year! He is getting so big! He is 39 lbs and 42.25 inches tall.

Noah read his birthday poem and had to figure out where we were going before he could open his present. I tried loading the video but it won't work :(
Meeting Minne Mouse...
and Donald...

and Goofy!
The off to the Magic Kingdom for some fun! Noah was the honorary tour guide and got to drive the boat!
We all rode the Merry-go-round!

Noah had a great day! Happy 6th birthday to our smart, handsome, caring, easy-going, exuberant oldest son. God has an awesome plan for you and your life and we are so glad we get to be the ones to help guide you on your adventure.