Monday, June 18, 2012


I got Foster out of his crib this morning and I was wearing my senior shirt (from high school). It has a big "S" on the front like superman's "S" and Foster pointed and clearly stated, "S." I guess he is already picking up on letter recognition!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Noah's quote of the day

After Foster goes to bed, we usually have some time with Noah to play a game. Tonight he picked to play Connect 4x4. When he got the game out of the closet Noah declared, "That is a dreadful mix of colors!" He likes to put the colors back grouped together, but when he got it out today they were all mixed up.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playdate with Evan and Lydia; Easter

Evan and Noah wanted to ride the "Gator." The babies felt so left out so they came up with their own riding system...
 Lydia rode the tricycle...
While Foster pushed her around...such a princess, what a prince!
He obviously enjoyed that! There is also a video that goes along with this, but the loader on blogger will not let me alas. One day I will be able to post videos again.

Easter 2012
Our Easter tradition for the past 2 years had been to practice Easter Egg hunting with the plastic balls from the ball pit. Each child is assigned a different color to find and they practice finding their eggs so their skills are honed for the big day. Foster really enjoyed the hunt this year and Noah is almost a professional!

Foster at Baga Sue's church egg hunt
Noah at Baga Sue's church egg hunt

On Easter Sunday, we went to church with Baga Sue and Baga. After church, Barby, Dean, Mike, Julianne, Leslie, Nancy, Hank and April came and we all had dinner. We missed Helen and little Justin because he was under the weather. Little did we know it would be our last time to see Hank. He was such a great man and is dearly missed.

The egg hung ensued after we all had happily filled our stomachs
Foster went hunting sans pants...Probably the last year he will ever do that!

Julianne and Noah were quite a pair. 

Foster found one of the last ones left!

We had a great time doing the fun traditions our culture and family has adopted, but cannot overlook the true reason that Easter is such a happy and celebrated day for our family: Christ rose from the grave- Hallelujah!

randoms from Feb

Buffalo Chicken wraps with homemade french fries
Lemon, Basil, Tomato, Chicken something-or-other
 One night it hailed like crazy!
 Noah and Foster being silly with clothes
 Triple layer brownies in the new Pampered Chef Brownie Pan. I am doing a challenge to sell 10 right now, so let me know if you need one. So far have done mini meatloafs, omlets, personal lasagnas, mac and cheese squares, pineapple upside-down cakes and more. If one of these versitile pans is on your list, let me know!
The inside of the triple layer brownies- Yum!

 Noah and Foster sharing the Bumbo seat
MOPS MNO with my friends Debbie, Krystle and Tiffany

The Bolin invasion!

We were so excited to have Pam, Dave, Neil, and Mavis come stay with us for a week! We started off with the Harlem Globetrotters the night they all arrived. Everyone survived, although it was a LATE night!
Gramma Pam and Noah
The Globetrotters

I wish I had more pictures because I can't remember again...Pam, help!

Taekwondo; Dan &Family

Noah did about 6 classes of Taekwondo at a studio here in Gainesville. Evan joined him for several classes, but in the end we did not join the studio. He had fun and did learn to count to 10 in Korean while he was there

Dan, Lynn and Amara came to visit in February. We went to the Santa Fe Zoo, to Two-tails Ranch, celebrated Valentine's Day with heart-shaped pizza (Dan &Lynn's tradition), and had other fun times hanging out at our house. Amara eventually adjusted to having more noise stimuli than she is used to and was able to make it through meal time with not too many tears. Sorry your cousins have the tendency to make sudden outbursts, Amara.
 Foster and Uncle Dan modeling Oven Mitts
 Dan and his valentine!
 Dan Bolin Family with heart-shaped pizza!

Skillet cookie! This picture was in with the rest. I cannot remember having Searby's over while Dan and Lynn were in town, but we must have. That is the trouble with not keeping up on the blog...oh well.

Hoggtown Medieval Faire

We decided to take a homeschool fieldtrip to Gainesville's Hoggtown Midieval Faire. We met up with Jen, Kelly, Krystle and their kiddos at the medieval fair in town. It was super hot and crowded so we didn't stay long, but still enjoyed ourselves!
Noah and Foster getting to meet the King and Queen
Noah being "knighted" by the king. I wish I could remember what he said because the boys were both in Got Milk? Shirts and he really had a great line as to what "kingdom" the boys traveled from to visit and what kind of Knights they were all having to do with milk!
Evan, Noah and Landon went into the maze and finally found their way out!

Science Day

Matt and Noah participated in Science Day in Ocala. They built a tower, an egg capsule to launch, a rocket out of card board and tap, and built robotic legos. Noah still talks about the legos and would like to have some. Problem is you have to buy them in sets of ten. If anyone wants to go in on legos at some point, let me know! The science day also prompted an experiment at home.
Egg Capsule Catapult
Our at home science experiment from a book Uncle Dan and Aunt Lynn got him.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Catching up

We are watching some of our good friends children this weekend. Having just mowed the lawn and with four children napping, I thought it may be a good time to catch up a little on the blog. I am going to start in January...any longer than that and I will probably give up!

In January, Foster decided to LOVE him some collard greens! It was so amazing watching him down those that the video was a must!

Foster is definately the baby of the family and LOV ES to make us laugh. He tries on all sorts of things, but these are some of his favorites:
Noah's cowboy boots come in first,
followed by mom's oven mits,
and bringing up the rear is the Mickey Mouse sunglasses.