Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playdate with Evan and Lydia; Easter

Evan and Noah wanted to ride the "Gator." The babies felt so left out so they came up with their own riding system...
 Lydia rode the tricycle...
While Foster pushed her around...such a princess, what a prince!
He obviously enjoyed that! There is also a video that goes along with this, but the loader on blogger will not let me alas. One day I will be able to post videos again.

Easter 2012
Our Easter tradition for the past 2 years had been to practice Easter Egg hunting with the plastic balls from the ball pit. Each child is assigned a different color to find and they practice finding their eggs so their skills are honed for the big day. Foster really enjoyed the hunt this year and Noah is almost a professional!

Foster at Baga Sue's church egg hunt
Noah at Baga Sue's church egg hunt

On Easter Sunday, we went to church with Baga Sue and Baga. After church, Barby, Dean, Mike, Julianne, Leslie, Nancy, Hank and April came and we all had dinner. We missed Helen and little Justin because he was under the weather. Little did we know it would be our last time to see Hank. He was such a great man and is dearly missed.

The egg hung ensued after we all had happily filled our stomachs
Foster went hunting sans pants...Probably the last year he will ever do that!

Julianne and Noah were quite a pair. 

Foster found one of the last ones left!

We had a great time doing the fun traditions our culture and family has adopted, but cannot overlook the true reason that Easter is such a happy and celebrated day for our family: Christ rose from the grave- Hallelujah!

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