Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is fall without leaves...

We had a birthday party for Baga (my mom) and Baga Sue (my gramma) at our house the weekend after their birthdays. Matt and I made a cake that took about 8 hrs total to make. It consisted of a chocolate frosting over brownie layer over marshmellow creme frosting over chocolate chip cookie over marshmellow creme frosting over cheesecake over chocolate frosting over graham crakers and then in the reverse again. Man was it yummy, man was it rich!

After we celebrated, we raked up leaves and Baga, Baga Sue, Barby and the kids jumped in the leaves. We all had a fun time celebrating!

Elf on the shelf

Our Elf came to our house in November 2011. These are some of "Trix"-as named by Noah- adventures since he has been at our house.
 Trix acting as a tree topper since we don't have one yet

Trix got in a carry-on bag to go to Iowa with us

Trix hid in Gramma Pam's flowers the first day we awoke in Iowa

Trix ate some of Daddy's birthday cake

Trix decided to try a cow ride out 

He thought he would help with wrapping presents, but just got all tangled up.

Wanted to make sure he heard the Christmas songs loud and clear!

Visited the true meaning of Christmas

Since there was no snow, Trix decided he would make a snowangel

Back in Gainesville, Trix got in on the decorations.

Checking Noah's stocking to make sure stuff would fit in

Trix hanging out in the kitchen with the lollipop Noah gave him

The letter Trix left Noah since he was going to stay at the North Pole to help with toy production.

So if you have any ideas on where Trix will be tomorrow...send a message my way!


December Update

Well, I took Foster to the pediatrician again today and he still has an ear infection:( He had to get an antibiotic shot in his leg and will follow up for the next 2 days with shots. He also is being put back on the nebulizer for some wheezing associated with his cough that has been hanging around for several months now. In other health news, I slipped and fell and fractured my tailbone. The good news is that most daily activities are fine. The bad news is, it takes a while for tailbone fractures to heal.

In Noah news, he has been having a great week at school- all greens! We are still contemplating taking him out of school and homeschooling him. Please pray for this decision because it is a big one for all of us!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

15 month check up

Foster had his 15 month check-up today and a recheck for his second (or continuing) ear infection. His stats are 21pounds 11oz, 31.5 inches. Both are 15- 25 he is little...just not quite as little as his brother. Foster also still has an ear infection. We are traveling to Iowa tomorrow so pray for a smooth trip and not too much pain for his little ears and pray that antibiotic #3 does its job!