Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Noah's word count

Noah is now saying many words, so I wanted to put a list I can update, until it gets too exaustive to update anymore...At that time I guess he will officially be talking!

1. No
2. baby
3. hi
4. ball
5. bubble
6. more

He also knows what sounds the following animals make:
1. elephant
2. cow
3. dog
4. cat
5. duck
6. owl
7. horse
8. snake
9. bird
10. tiger
11. lion
12. sheep

That is all we can think of now. My family has wanted to know what words Noah is saying so this is the list that Matt and I can come up with right now.

Licorice Education as by Ashley

Not the kind flavored with strawberry or cherry, but the kind that actually contains the ingredient licorice (the color is black, but I do not think that it should be called "black licorice" because the red stuff really isn't licorice at all). Plus, if you look on a bag of twizzlers, the black ones are called licorice twists and the red ones are called strawberry-or-cherry twists. Hence, one is talking about the wrong stuff if mentioning licorice refering to something red in color.

Well the legend continues. My granddaddy, whom I was very close to, loved to eat licorice and I mean the real stuff. My mom loves it and so do I. Now, for a second time Noah has chowed down on licorice. He did one time before he was one and again today he ate licorice and loved it. So I am the proud mommy of a licorice eating little boy!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of stuff that happened after CR...

Well there have been many events in our lives since we came back from Costa Rica. We celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus the weekend after we got back. We celebrated in white, and I do not mean our clothes...It snowed all day on Easter this year. Sad part was we did not hunt for eggs because it was too cold and snowy.

Noah waiting for lunch to be served!

The patriarchs...Mavis and Neil Bolin...

The grand kids and great-grand kids with them...

Noah and Sarah sorting out the goods...

Next year I think Noah will actually enjoy hunting for eggs. Since that time, I think it has snowed at least four other times. The best part is that it has been warm enough to not stick so there was no shoveling involved.

I have also included a video of Noah dancing in the kitchen. I posted about this many weeks ago, but didn't have a camera that could take a video until we went to CR. However, that camera is now at Kodak's repair place because it will no longer turn much for buying something at Wal-mart. They wouldn't take it back because it had been longer than 30 days. Just remember that if you are buying electronics at the dreaded, you must take them back should something go wrong in thirty days or you have to deal with the manufacturer.

Just another picture of Gangsta Noah...getting into trouble again...

Another exciting event that happened while I was working on the CR posts, we got a new dog...We named her "Sandy" because of her spots. She is twice as big as Peanut and the longer we have her the more I think that she is not JRT, but more like maybe Beagle and Whippet. She really seems to be a great dog, about 1yo, already house-trained and sweet as can be. She got along with other dogs in the foster home so hopefully we can get her enough socialization to not be too territorial around other dogs. We are bringing her on our trip later this month and hopefully our "kids" will both be good travelers!

Noah testing out where the dog will sleep...

Sandy on her blanket before we had a crate that she would actually fit in...

Some more pics...Noah in the background with just one sock on...

Sandy on the card table house...she jumps in one leap from the floor to the table!!!

Well I guess that is all I have for the moment. Everyone put up two or three posts in the last few days, so I feel like I am falling down on the job, but hopefully this catches you up on the 3Bolins.

CR Day 8, March 15th

CR Day 7, March 14th

CR Day 6, March 13th

Day 5, Costa Rica, March 12th

Since it is taking me so long to get all of my Costa Rica trip published, I am going to publish the rest of the days blank so that I can publish some other stuff that has been happening and as I get the chance I will go back and edit the Costa Rica entries. I am not sure why I didn't think of that before, but that way I stop boring the ones who don't want to read that much and the ones who do can go back later. Capeesh?