Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Licorice Education as by Ashley

Not the kind flavored with strawberry or cherry, but the kind that actually contains the ingredient licorice (the color is black, but I do not think that it should be called "black licorice" because the red stuff really isn't licorice at all). Plus, if you look on a bag of twizzlers, the black ones are called licorice twists and the red ones are called strawberry-or-cherry twists. Hence, one is talking about the wrong stuff if mentioning licorice refering to something red in color.

Well the legend continues. My granddaddy, whom I was very close to, loved to eat licorice and I mean the real stuff. My mom loves it and so do I. Now, for a second time Noah has chowed down on licorice. He did one time before he was one and again today he ate licorice and loved it. So I am the proud mommy of a licorice eating little boy!

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Tex and Sandy said...

Great Grandma Mavis loves licorice as well - she is the only one who likes the black jelly beans (at least as far as I can remember!) I enjoy your blog and it will be even more special as we head west!