Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Potty success! (Again!!!)

Well, as many of you know we have been working on potty training (for fun really) since around August or so. Well, two nights in a row now Noah has used the potty right before his bath. He has been able to control the stream by starting and stopping it several times. We gave lots of praise yesterday and between flows we would clap together. It is really quite exciting to see the end of the diaper tunnel! I think our next step is going to be adding another potty time during the day. Noah may not be an early talker, but it is looking like he will be potty trained many moons before other kids! For Christmas, he is getting some training pants and "Big Boy" underwear. He needs another little potty seat that fits the big toilet if anyone is still unsure of what to get him...

As for communication, he has been picking up more and more signs. It seems like he only needs to see them once to be able to use them now. He has added cold and hot, shoes and socks, and mommy and daddy to his repertoire. Those are the only new ones I can think of. He has been doing airplane for quite some time now and he also waves when vehicles go by (even if he can only hear them). It is quite cute. Well that is all for now. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas if I don't get the chance to update before then!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we went and visited Santa at a local greenhouse. I also purchased some bulbs- tulips, narcissus and crocus, which I put in the ground the day before we had a hard freeze...and needless to say, we have not been out of the 20's yet! The bad part about that is we had freezing rain and the ground is still covered in ice. I hit a patch of ice yesterday and the car started to fish tail, but I managed to keep it on the road and not put it in the ditch.

Matt, Noah, and Dan "horsing" around after Thanksgiving meal

Noah checking out Santa

Picking out the Christmas tree for Pam and Dave's house.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Well today I woke up and the ground was covered in snow. Then about 9am it started to sleet. Now it is raining. The windows have been frozen over since about 9:30 this morning. They all look like frosted glass. Needless to say, we have been stuck inside the entire day. Our neighbor got stuck in the driveway. It took her 40mins to get home from Clarksville which is about 5 miles from here. Matt worked at the dairy this morning and slid past two different turns to get to our house. I knew the weather would be kinda bad this winter and this is just the start...Will I ever survive?