Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is fall without leaves...

We had a birthday party for Baga (my mom) and Baga Sue (my gramma) at our house the weekend after their birthdays. Matt and I made a cake that took about 8 hrs total to make. It consisted of a chocolate frosting over brownie layer over marshmellow creme frosting over chocolate chip cookie over marshmellow creme frosting over cheesecake over chocolate frosting over graham crakers and then in the reverse again. Man was it yummy, man was it rich!

After we celebrated, we raked up leaves and Baga, Baga Sue, Barby and the kids jumped in the leaves. We all had a fun time celebrating!

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The Crowe's said...

That cake looks INSANE!! and YUMMY! I'm going to be in Gainesville 1/12-1/19. Maybe I'll see you!