Sunday, January 08, 2012


Seems like there is always stuff to report on, but lots of other stuff gets in the way. Here is some stuff that doesn't really go together, but I thought would be fun to share....

The chick-fil-a on Archer Road is always doing neat events for the kids. The boys and I made a trip to meet Albert and the Chick-fil-a cows. The cheerleaders (or danceretts) were there and the boys both enjoyed the pretty ladies...I think they take after Grampa Dave!

The best part about moving is having a bunch of empty boxes! Noah and I made a box tunnel that had three open ends. He had fun being the "construction worker" who brought mommy tape and pounded on a few places with his hammer for good measure! Foster enjoyed the project too.

One day before the weather was cool, the boys played in our rain water collection buckets. We collect the rain as it pours off of our roof to water our plants with. If God is providing us that resource, we certainly are not going to let it go to waste! Playing in the rain water usually starts with Foster escaping from our back porch and going right for the buckets. We must have just had rain beacuse all of our buckets were full and he was soaked before I could catch up to him. I decided playing in the water would be a good pasttime until daddy got home. I think the boys agreed with my decision!

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