Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time gone by

More time passed after Noah's birthday party in Iowa. In fact, I am really not sure where the entire month of June went. I, of course, already posted Noah's 4th of July picture on the last blog post. We enjoyed the Shell Rock parade this year and the rain and 60 degree weather?!?-What?!? Yes, I really do mean 60 degrees! It was the first 4th of my life that required a jacket and long pants. I was not impressed to say the least...but at least I wasn't suffering from heat exhaustion. We enjoyed the fireworks later that evening. Noah was very impressed and the show was so much better than last years. There were hardly any of the small, really loud ones like the show last year. Kudos to Shell Rock!

About a week later, Noah headed to Chicago with Pam and Dave a day before I headed to Chicago for National Pampered Chef Convention. I had a great time with my friend Melissa on the trip and also had Becky and Loretta as our roommates. My team with Pampered Chef has been growing and I am really excited because I have a goal to promote to Advanced Director by December of this year. We are also earning a family trip to Disney World and I still need every one's help to be able to make it there!

Our limo for the ride to Chicago!

Melissa and I meet up with WAHOOOO Woman!

Jean, Marla and Lisa show off their new ranks

After our Chicago escapades, Noah and I headed to Florida to meet the newest family member, Presslei Monroe Smith, Brilei's little sister. She is amazingly cute and amazingly hungry. That baby nursed every hour on the hour the entire time we were there! Please continue to pray for my sister and her husband Matt, for all of the emotional stresses of a newborn, marriage, move and new job! I think all of those qualify in the top 10 most stressful events in life and they did all in a few months!!

Presslei Monroe-one month old! Brilei wore this same outfit as a little one and I am looking for the picture of the two of us for a side by side comparison

Noah and Brilei enjoy dinner at Jimmy's parents. They had so much fun being spoiled that night!
When we left Florida, we headed to Indiana to visit Angie and Isabella! We had not seen each other for over 2 years and it was so good to catch up. Noah and Isabella enjoyed bowling at Angie's work. Noah is still talking about it!

Noah and Isabella...of course Noah picked out an orange ball.

watching the ball

Sunflowers from the farmers market in downtown Valparaiso, IN.

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