Sunday, December 13, 2009

traveling trio

After we left Charlotte, we headed to Trilby. We spent the evening with my mom and gramma. Met up with Mrs. H and Shay Lynn and Ethan at Alderman's Ford Park which was our first time meeting him! What a treat to see that little guy. When Mrs. H had to go, Mom, Matt, Noah, Gramma and I walked the entire trail. Gramma made it all the way around. We were all so proud of her! The next day we spent time with Bran Dee, Coleman, and Titan at Chuck E Cheese and had a great time catching up. We headed up to Jacksonville by way of Gainesville to see Amy and Jon Leftwich's brand new little one, Megan. I don't have any pictures:(

We stayed in Jacksonville with Amy and Matt and the girls and we did take pictures! We had such a great Thanksgiving and I know my Matt was glad to have some man company. Noah and Brilei had such a good time playing together...the wii was a huge hit and they played for hours! I know Noah misses his cousins!

Presslei time!

Yummy! So blessed!

Family, nothing better!

Noah conked out before we ate...Bri wanted to be in the pic too...She is beautiful isn't she?

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JK Williams said...

HEy I know those girls!!! Glad you got to spend some time with family!