Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A new tax write off is coming...

With the season of taxes upon us, we went to have ours prepared ...found out that we owe the state of Iowa almost $1000! In case you haven't heard, Matt and I are preparing for a move back to Florida where we will not be paying the 7.9% state income tax any longer. Florida does not have any state income tax and even sales tax rates are similar. We are waiting to hear back on Matt's interview and are excited to be starting a new chapter in life. We have been really busy getting the house ready to be on the market. Our realtor came today and took some pictures. My friends Melissa and Sue have been so much help. They have spent many hours with me helping me get ready...or should I say me helping them. It has been really nice to have someone to tell me what to do. Seems so hard when it is your stuff to know what to pack and what to leave out for now. What a blessing it is to have people who support you in your decisions wholly and are there with you even when they don't want you to leave. Melissa cried when I told her I was leaving, but has spent many hours here helping me get the house ready for prospective buyers. Friends like that are hard to come by!

Here are a few pictures of our house similar to the ones that will be on the website later from our realtor

Living Room


Downstairs bathroom Matt and his grampa finished! Looks amazing!!!!
And, Matt and I are going to have another tax write off, in the form a child!

Due Sept 4th, ultrasound April 14th.


Whitlocks said...

WOw the house looks great...especially the bathroom. Can't wait to hear how your ultrasound goes even if you don't find out what you are having!

apotratz said...

I'm so sad! Can't believe you are moving back to Florida! Who will Zara have to visit in Waverly? Who will help me with all my pampered chef stuff? I guess that just means Andrew and I will have to make a trip to Florida to see you!!!!

Mom said...

Can't wait til the 14th!! You guys have done a great job with the house. I know it is wonderful to have friends and family who support your decision, even though it will be hard. I cried a lot after you left Florida, but knew that you were making the right decision (because it was based on YOUR family, not on what I or anyone else wanted for you) When I was helping you to pack for Iowa I wanted to punch holes in your tires. But I now that you have to make your own decisions. I am happy for you no matter what you decide, unless you move to Alaska. I didn't expect you back so soon, but I'm really glad! This will give everyone up there an wcuse to come to Florida and escape the cold. Ha Ha - not this winter!! But Noah and his baby sister/brother will enjoy visits to the North to play in the snow at Christmas time I'm sure!

The Williams family said...

House does look great!
We are so excited to have to guys moving back! We miss you a lot and are excited to meet the new Bolin when he/she arrives! As I am sure you know if you need anything we are just a phone call away!

Calonder Crew said...

Congratulations! I didn't realize you were expecting! We'll miss you here, but I'm sure this will be a great thing for you guys to move back to Florida!

The Birketts said...

Can you say GAME NIGHT is back on!?!