Tuesday, October 17, 2006

12.5 hrs!!!

Last night after Noah ate around 7:30 he was so asleep I figured that I would lay him down to nap until he woke up to eat again. Ten o'clock came and went and he still had not woken up, so Matt and I decided to go on to bed and had resolved our thinking to a middle of the night feeding for sure...I awoke around 5am and Matt had just been in to check on our little one from which there had not been a stir...He was still asleep and the best part still alive! I had to pump at this point because it had been 10hrs for one side and about 13.5hrs for the other side since I had some relief. As our night, or should I say morning continued Matt got up to go to work around 7:30 and still no signs of wakening in the other room. By the time Matt called to let me know he had made it to work, Noah had come alive and was diligently eating his morning meal. His eyes were swollen a tell-tale sign of a good nights sleep!

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