Friday, January 05, 2007


Well we had a lot of fun this year at Christmas...
We spent Christmas Eve with Baga (Mommy's mom), Baga Sue (Mommy's Gramma), Auntie Amy, Aunt Barby, and my cousin Brilei. Baga Sue and Barby helped start a trust fund for me. Auntie Amy and Brilei gave me Little Leaps the Leap Frog educational video system for babies. Baga gave me a book that came with hand puppets and an activity box which has five sides of fun. On Christmas, Daddy had to work so Mommy, Baga, and I went to Brilei's house to watch her open her Christmas gifts that morning. After that we hung out at Baga's house and Shay Lynn, Mommy's BF's little girl, came over to see us. The day after Christmas we went over to see Papa Ted and Deborah. The next morning we flew out of Tampa and into Des Moines. Grampa and Gramma, and Uncle James and Nicole came to pick us up. On the way from the airport, we went by Pickett Fence Dairy to see Uncle Dan and stopped in Ames to see Aunt Lynn. When we arrived in Clarksville we were soon met by both sets of Great-grandparents. The next day Lynn and Dan came to Clarksville and we had Christmas with the immediate family. On the 29th we went to have Christmas at the Jensens and New Years day we had Bolin Christmas. On the 30th, we went over to the Clark's and the Kampmans came by too. On the 31st we went to the Kampman's for dinner and then to Jensen's to ring in the new year.
We had so much fun visiting with everyone and cannot wait to get to do it again!!!

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