Friday, April 13, 2007

Almost One!

Well it has been over a month since I posted to update everyone on the happenings in Noah's life. His first birthday is bearing down on us quickly! He is now getting close to walking and I think he will be walking by his birthday. He has five teeth through and another couple on the way. We have sent out the invitations to Noah's 1st birthday and my graduation party. We cannot wait to see every one then-the more the merrier! Matt and I are both busy finishing up the semester. We weighed Noah at Publix the other day and he weighed 20.5lbs! One of his favorite pastimes remains opening and closing doors. He is beginning to use sign language to communicate and it is so neat! He knows the sign for milk and we are working on more please, drink, food, daddy, and potty. He also will wave hello and goodbye and loves to clap. We are trying to discontinue the use of baby food altogether, but it has proven as more of a challenge than we had thought. For anyone who has not heard yet, we are moving to Iowa at the end of June. We are excited for the new doors God is opening to us and cannot wait to see what he has in store. We are also sad to be leaving our family and friends down here. We haven't started packing yet, but plan on working on that this weekend. Hope everyone is well and we will hopefully keep this updated better in the future!

The pictures below are from mid April for our invitations

The picture of Noah in the swing is at Paynes Prairie State Park where the party is (mid March).

Noah in his "Kiwi" Shirt from Suzie and Patrick in New Zeland taken in late Feb/early March!!!

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