Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some New News

Well I don't have any pictures to upload and I am waiting on Matt to upload the others, but I do have new stuff to tell everyone about Noah.

First of all, Noah's seventh tooth popped through on June 4th. That same day I had the doctors from Gainesville call in a prescription for an ear infection for him. During all of this he just hasn't been his normal happy self, but a couple exciting things have happened. A few days ago Noah used his first compound sign- more food. It was really neat to see him make the connection with the more and wanting food.

Also, he is walking at least as much as he crawls now. It is sooo funny to see him walk because he walks very fast, so fast he cannot keep up with himself and usually falls forward. Although he is doing well developmentally, he has also developed chickenpox. He has the biggest blisters in his throat and more and more little red dots popping up all over his body. He has been running a fever for the last couple of days and I think his throat is hurting. Well, that is all for now. Pray for little Noah's health!

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