Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A trip to the Twin Cities

This past weekend, we went on a trip to Minneapolis to visit Matt's uncle Marque and his family Janeen, Tyler and Morgan. Unfortunately Jared was out of town and we did not get to see him. On Friday, we went to see Tyler and his football team play. They were so good that I felt bad for the other team and actually cheered a couple of times out loud for the other team. The team Tyler plays for is in a more affluent neighborhood. The other team came from a lower-end neighbor hood and only had about ten (maybe) fans in the stands. It was really heart-breaking. The kids on the other team probably came from single parent homes where there were two jobs being worked and there was no time to go to their child's game-just my speculation. I think it is sad that both sides were not supported somewhat equally.

Anyway, the next morning we went and looked at where the bridge had collapsed. It was almost all cleaned up and they are about to start construction on a new bridge. Then we went to a Mexican Market. It was really neat and we ate some really good food there. We then crossed the Mississippi to St. Paul to go to the Free Como Zoo. I think Noah enjoyed, as did we. After we finished the zoo, Matt, Morgan and Noah rode the Carousel. Noah did not even cry! Saturday night we hung out and played games.

On Sunday, we went to church and heard an awesome sermon. This was one of the neatest churches I have ever been to. I have never seen a more culturally diverse church in my life and I think that it sad that there are not more churches in America like it. We enjoyed our stay and Janeen's wonderful cooking, and hope to visit again sometime!

By the way, tonight as I was putting Noah to bed, he blew me a kiss! How sweet is that?

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marque said...

those minneapolis Jensen's are really something - huh??

we LOVED having you visit us!!!