Friday, November 16, 2007

Noah's 18 month check up

Wow. Eighteen months have gone by (plus a little more) since the day Matt and I became parents. We have definately had our parenting views challenged by this little guy in more ways than one. We have really enjoyed our time together being Noah's mommy and daddy.

Today at Noah's appointment (November 16th), he basically just had a physical because we never signed the release to have his records sent up here. We did not want him to be doubly vaccinated for something, so we will take him back in in a few weeks to get his Hep A vaccinations depending on where he is in the series. We are, however, declining to give him the influenza and chicken pox vaccinations. So if anyone knows of any kids with the pox, let me know so I can get Noah exposed ;) He has also been referred to an audiologist to make sure he is fully hearing. The reason for this is because he still does not say any words and that is one of the developmental milestones they look for in an 18mo. The Dr did not seem too concerned because male children do tend to talk later so he wasn't totally out of the curve, but wanted to take preventative measures in case there are some issues. Noah was also referred to a dentist for the chipped teeth he has from falling onto the arm of a friends couch, shorlty after he turned one. The dentist will let us know if there is anything we should do about them. We have both of those appointments on Dec. 4th. Today he weighed 23lbs and was 30 inches tall. Noah also got a haircut yesterday. Although it was not the haircut I wanted him to have, the girl did a good job on it. He looks so handsome!
Noah is helping daddy get a table ready for mommy's scrapbooking corner.

He is throwing a tantrum in this one beacuse the table was being uprighted...

While on our way home from Waterloo, we heard an interesting segment on the Christian radio concerning politics and the church. I thought that this segment was particularly interesting considering the ongoing conversations I have been having with other Christians lately. You can see the transcripts of what Doug Smith had to say at I was particularly intriguied by the 12th and 14th. I hope you all care enough about the subject to take a little time and see what a fellow Christian had to say about the subject. You might be challenged, as was I, by what he had to say about the matter.


Elizabeth said...

We declined the pox vaccine, too. And my mom had a small shingles outbreak this week and let Jodi touch it so, crossing our fingers, she'll have her outbreak in 10-14 days! So if she does, you'll have to come back to Florida! I don't want to get too excited, but we aren't doing that vax... Noah looks so big now! Hope you all are doing well -- and send some of that snow down here!
Elizabeth (and Jodi)

Anonymous said...

some great pix and news form the family - hey I loved the link to the radio show - thanks for putting it out there!!