Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 10th, Day 3

We started the morning with a group devotion time. Breakfast for the morning was french toast, fruit, sausage, and bread.
We headed out early to teach at Los Pinos -"The Pines" to teach English. We all taught 1st grade for one period.

Afterwards Bob, Carolina, Christa, Emily, Julia, and I went to teach 6th grade. Emily and I had a great group of girls to work with.

We went to Mount Sanai for lunch and had empanadas and Tico salad. Afterwards we went down into the squatter area and invited the children to come out and sing, play games and do crafts with the "gringos."

Carolina and Jose Antonio (refer to first day post to find out more about Jose Antonio)

One of my favorite memories from the trip happened while Carolina, Emily and I were manning the craft area. One little boy noticed that all of the gringos were wearing crosses and he wondered why. I quickly called Caro over to explain to him that it was because we love Jesus. She told him in Spanish and told him that Jesus loved him too. By this time all of the kids had gathered around to hear the good news. Another little one piped up, "What about me?" and Caro told her that He loved her, too. Another one asked and Carolina was able to tell all of the children there that Jesus loves them all! All because we were wearing a cross?!?! How amazing is our God. And how observant is that little guy!

We headed back to Alajuelita and had a few minutes to chill. We played "what if" and had a lot of fun laughing together.

The dinner we had that night was bean and beef stew, cauliflower and broccoli, bread, rice, and pineapple upsidedown cake!

After dinner, Jorge brought a group of youth over and we had the most amazing time of worship and fellowship. It was amazing to get to know Yerlin, the girl who play bass guitar in the church band on Sunday mornings. Also got to talk with Roy and Jerri. We played telephone and some of the stuff ended up being so hilarious with the differences in language. One of the last things we did was play the table...see the video loaded at the end of this clip. Video quality is not that great, but the sound is the important part!

Becca, Kristina, Lauren, and Jorge

Natalia, Christa, and Josué...

Jason and Estephan

Carolina, Yerlin, me and Stephanie

Here is the video, enjoy!

I was so sad when the Ticos had to leave, I did not want the night to end!

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JK Williams said...

Those girls are so pretty. It looks like everyone was very blessed by the trip. Can't wait to see you!! I have already started inviting people to the Pampered Chef party.