Monday, May 19, 2008

Incomplete until...

I think about how incomplete of a mommy I still am because of all of the firsts that are still to come with my little boy. But, as of Saturday, I can cross one off of the list- I was thrown up on. And I am not talking about baby spit up any more, although several times my shirt was soaked and I had no alternatives at work with me to change into, so onto the next task of the day I was feeling a little drowned. Noah has been sick since Friday night. Today he seems much better, but still is a little cranky and sleepy. His appetite is still not back full swing, but there is a lot of play left in that little guy!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sharing T-bone Steaks with our friends that were in our freezer when we moved in here and we thought it was high time we had those eaten. So Jon and Alicia Post and Jenna Hubert came over and we enjoyed a feast to say the least. Sandy has also been enjoying our dinner last night because she got a t-bone after the fact (and I mean bone only!). Then some more of our friends came out- Jay and Becky Baker, Allie and Andrew Potratz and their little puppy! I got a few shots of our little dogs playing together, but none of them were too stellar so I will try for better next time we get our girls together.

Last Thursday, we planted a garden with our friends Amy and Ben Dau. It was so nice to have help getting all the plants in the ground and will be fun to share the harvest too. We planted Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes, green and jalapeno peppers, onions, lettuce, collards, cucumbers, cilantro, mint, oregano, and basil. Yet to be planted are asparagus and strawberies. I better get a move on while the little one is asleep!

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