Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WOW I am behind!!!

Well I just loaded the pictures up from our camera and realized how far behind in the posting I am. On July 26th, we headed out to Gatlinburg, Tn to meet my mom for a little vacation.

The first day we were there, we rode this cable trolley thing to the top of the mountain. It was really neat except everytime we went over one of the big things that held the cable it dipped really quickly. I tended to squat down at that point and take cover! Noah seemed to enjoy himself though.
On the way up the mountain...

Noah stops to play in the fountain at the shops on top of the mountain...

On our way back down...

Great sleep after a long day!

The following day we had to go listen to a timeshare schpeel. The one good thing we got out of it was that the guy told us about a local BBQ restaurant that was the BEST BBQ beef I have ever had and some of the best BBQ sauce too. If you are ever in Gatlinburg and want good BBQ hit up the Flyin' Pig and you won't be disappointed. Just off the main drag, downtown Gatlinburg. Wish I would have thought to take a picture there...too bad, maybe next time.

The same afternoon, Baga took Noah down to the stream for a little dip. He had so much fun picking up rocks and throwing them into the stream. It was "hold wa-er" which translates to "Cold water" in Noahnese. And every rock he picked up, saw in the stream, or saw from the car while driving down the road were announced on volume 10- "Be wok" which once again translated is big rocks.

We also drove into the National Park and had a great time looking at the scenery, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and a few more beautiful mountain streams.

The last night we headed to a restaurant that had karoke and I got to sing three songs, I think. One of the songs didn't work so I cannot remember if I sang 2 or three. There were several VERY good singers there that night which always makes it harder to get up there, but it was a very friendly crowd to sing for so that was really fun.

Since I did not keep a journal, or do this close enought to the trip, I know there are good details I am leaving out, but with Matt gone for training and my mom in FL I don't have any way to retrieve those memories at this time.

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Gerben en Julie said...

Yes you were way behind!!! but you made up for it now!!!cute pictures from Noah in the water!!!have a great rest of the week!!!