Monday, November 10, 2008

Fast Update

Well I am not talking about a "quick" update on us, but updating you on my fast from the Internet. I did it from last Sat to this past Fri. I fell off of the wagon when Tues night came around because I was updating the election results as they came in. I did read my bible during the time that i would normally be on the Internet. I read in Romans 6 and I really appreciated this because my friend Amber was baptized into the family of Christ last Sunday. It was really neat to be reminded of what that meant for her life. It also pointed out to me that I needed to be "exercising dominion" over my body and be able to realize the grace that has been extended to me through Christ's sacrifice for us. I think I will definitely be more conscious of the time I am spending on the internet.


Bolins said...

So true that we have to guard our time on the internet! I think more people should "fast" from things like internet, TV, texting, etc... they're great tools but often take us away from the BEST things we could be doing - like knowing an eternal and infinite and loving God!

Ash said...

Thank goodness I have no idea how to text, one less thing to distract me...speaking of which, it is quiet in my house...maybe a good time to catch some devo time!

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