Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, the last couple of days have been really great. We had Dan and Lynn come stay with us last night and Lynn and I stayed up really late discussing all sorts of great stuff! Girl talk is always fun and never seems like you can get enough.

Also, had a great time at my Pampered Chef Christmas Party. It was a small group, but I think sometimes smaller is better!

We are all planning our trip for 2010. My director Carol with her "ears" on!

Melissa, next to me, has become a really good friend and I really enjoy getting to spend time with her and her little ones. It is so nice to have someone to talk to about life.

Best of all, my good friend Katie called me today and it was so nice to catch up a little with her on the happenings of Iowa and NC. I definitely needed that. Thanks Katie!

Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 45! That will be really nice, however the low tomorrow night is supposed to be -1! That is a huge swing! Monday there will be a high of 2 and wind chills of 15 below. I am not looking forward to that! We are working on all of the details of the house stuff and will close on or before the 19th! It is coming up so fast... and then best of all my mom is coming to visit on the 23rd!

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