Sunday, May 09, 2010

Noah is 4!

Well, Mother's day is coming to a close and I am just thinking about the little boy who makes me a mommy!


You brought a new adventure into my life about 4 years ago. I did not know what this adventure would look like and I was a little aprehensive about it. Now, just four years into our adventure, I wonder what else will become of our relationship as mother and son. You are so loving, caring and sensitive, something that I believe God has blessed you with and will be a blessing to others in your years to come. I am so excited to know that you will be a big brother in a little while and how much you already seem to care for your sibling. Your tenderness is something that most little guys never know and I am so blessed that you are made exactly as you are. Sometimes mommy looses her patience and doesn't speak kind words, but you are quick to forgive me when I stumble. You are so polite and respectful and I look forward to spending more time getting to know the man you will grow up to be.



We had Noah's pictures taken for his 4th birthday. Tell me which is your favorite!
Noah peeking through a loop-backed chair

The first picture of this kind that truly caught the essence of Noah.

Can I have a hug?

Cheese :)


My little boy is getting big!


apotratz said...

I love all the pictures! He is so cute! It was fun playing with him this weekend and I wish we could have stayed for his party! I'm going to miss you all when you move :(

The Cason's said...

First of the new blog look! It is really cute! Second of all....I love the letter to Noah and I can definitely relate to it, especially about getting frustrated and how easily they forgive :). Thirdly, I love, love,love picture #4 (but he looks so grown up in #5). Love and miss you guys!

JK Williams said...

It is really hard to pick. All of them are so great! It is amazing how grown up he looks in the last one. Happy Mother's Day Ashley and Happy Birthday to Noah!

Bolins said...

Lynn likes the chair pictures, #1 although all of them are obviously great!

The Birketts said...

Holy smokes... cute! Probably #1 and #5... but they are all awesome! Megan doesn't pose at all... I have to catch her on the go! He is so grown up!