Wednesday, November 09, 2011

another tooth!

Foster has another tooth on the top right. He is also now pulling up, cruising, catching himself when he falls forward, and trying to learn how to let go while standing. Tomorrow we are heading to Gainesville for a 9 mo checkup for Foster and a 5yo check up for Noah. I have decided that Foster's nickname is "Ironman" because he is so big and his initials are "Fe" like the periodic table symbol for iron. His eyes are still blue like daddy's, so we think they will stay that way.
On the "home front," we are blessed to have family members who are able to purchase a house for us in Gainesville while we continue to wait on our house in Iowa to sell. We have an offer in on a house (we are the back-up) and have not had an update on what is going on with that property and not for lack of trying. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.
I am praising God for bringing my brother-in-law home to Jacksonville and allowing him to get restationed here because it was truly an act of God that that happened. Praying for my 2nd cousin and his teaching job. Also for family friends who have to make decisions about a sister's living situation. Praying for wisdom in our house search- the where, when, and what. Thanks for joining with me!

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