Friday, April 20, 2012


I honestly don't know where all the time goes. My camera is 80 miles away and I do want to share some photos with you. One of them has nothing to do with my children, but I found it for my mom.

Foster is saying lots of things these days- ball, off, Noah (in his own way), shoes, socks, lights, duck, and others I can't come up with right now. He LOVES lotion. If there is a bottle in sight, he will climb on anything he has to to get to it. He knows how to get it out of the bottle and loves to douse himself in lotion. He is trying to get jumping down. He hasn't figured out how to get his feet off the ground yet, but it is definitely a goal of his. He is wearing 2T clothes and weighs about 25 pounds.

Noah is SO smart! He is reading words that I didn't know he could. Here is an excerpt of a book he read the other day and the only word he didn't know was Cretaceous- "Deep grumbles made rocks tumble and loud Cretaceous booms! Chains of sleeping mountain tops awoke in firey plumes" - from Dinosnores by Kelly DiPucchio. We checked this book out from the library and he read that page to me without having ever heard the book read before! I am continually amazed at how much he knows. He is working on double-digit addition and subtraction, can point out where many countries in the world are and knows several states and their capitals. He reports that his favorite thing to do is play "teach me" and educational app on the iPad that does math, spelling and reading...actually checks handwriting!

This is for my mom. Pictures of other activities and updates coming soon (when I get my camera back :/ )

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