Saturday, January 26, 2013


So, I know I am so inconsistent in posting. I do have pics etc that I want to upload. In fact, here are a few...

Foster eating his apple...I think this was his first whole apple experience and as you can tell, he loved it!

The boys playing in the leaves with the neigbors.

Which brings me to this pic...This was our gift from Pam and Dave for Christmas! SO perfect!

We had our first adoption interview yesterday!!! Here are a few more details about how it went...

Our interview went well, but much has changed in the last 24 hours that I wanted to update everyone. Last night I could not sleep. It was like the night before that big exam, or presentation in school, and you have the jitters and all you can think about is tomorrow and your mind won’t rest -or the night before Christmas- or a trip to Disney World. You are so excited thinking about the things that are to come that you can’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Or maybe I am the only one who that ever happens to… Anyway, I was having a hard time sleeping when I happened upon my sister’s friend’s blog. I read the most recent post about her son. Take a minute to read her post here. Go ahead, I’ll wait. My heart broke when I read about Liv’s son and knowing there are so many orphans here on this earth, that are going through this life without a mommy or a daddy. Without a family to call their own. I couldn’t get his beautiful smile out of my head.

Because I was so moved, naturally I read the next post. Again, go read it. I can wait... Since Matt was sleeping in the bed next to me, I didn’t watch the video posted at the end because I didn’t want to wake him. My heart was hurting for orphans. I went to my bible reading and the first verse I read was “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 NLT. Wow…really? Did I just read what I think I just read?

With the lights out, I laid in bed and still could not get Gideon’s huge smile out of my head. I think many of us would have thought of Gideon as “unadoptable” given his “condition.” But I think God was using Gideon to get to me. The next morning, I couldn’t get my words out before the tears started to flow. We were rushing to get ready but I told Matt that I wasn’t sure we would be adopting a “perfect” little infant like we had planned. I told him how I came across Liv’s blog. Gave him a quick synopsis so he would know where I was coming from, then told him I wanted to watch the video. We watched it. I hope you watch(ed) it. It changed our lives. It changed our perspective. We rushed around a bit more before hopping into the car and heading off to our interview. Matt reminded me on the way that we didn’t have to know exactly what we were doing and that is why we were going to the interview. Our interview went well. I cried some more… but you know what? That is ok. God is breaking my heart for children who are already born, living out their lives without knowing the love of a family. And hopefully, we will hear God’s call, according to his purpose for us, and everything will work together for our family’s good. Please lift us up as we ask and seek what his purpose is for us in adoption! You can visit our adoption page here. Please share the page with your friends, coworkers, neighbors, anyone you know!


The Williams family said...

Watched it :)
It is amazing to think how much we care for the "now." It is always a struggle for me. I can be so focuse on the "forever" until I step outside my own little world. I know you and Matt will be such a blessing to a little one because you are already such a blessing to lots of big ones, little ones and in between ones ;)

Ash said...

Thanks Krystle! We appreciate having you guys as friends and models of good parenting for us!