Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bedtime Stories and prayers

Super excited to be chosen to review books for Tyndale publishers! This is the first book I have reviewed.
Pros: I just loved the the wonderful illustrations in the book. I also really liked the poem type stories that talked about all the things that went on in the day and how the child is probably feeling now. There are 4 different stories within the one cover. I liked that because I feel like it was setting my kids up for learning how to read "chapter" books because you read until the next heading and stop for the night. The stories also talked about God and how he made nighttime and how he loves them just as they are.
Cons: I wished the book would have provided a table of conents. I was disappointed when our book mark got taken out and I had to thumb all the way through to find the story we were on. I also thnk for very young kids, the poem/stories were a bit long. 
I recieved no compensation for providing this review, but recieved a copy of the book for free.

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