Sunday, April 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday, 2014!

We were so thankful to get to celebrate with friends and family today. We did miss my gramma and aunt Barby. We were also missing two littles that we can't wait to meet, learn about and share life with. But we got to enjoy good times!
The boys Easter baskets had a couple of books and a couple items we bought from the garage sale pile. 

They each had a "candy" item and had a note on it like this.

Cousins opening checking out their baskets

We dyed brown eggs and loved the way they turned out. Yellow was a favorite color choice because they were deemed "Golden" eggs by one of the kids, so they all did them that way.

Forgot to get someone to take our picture, so the tripod did ok for us to get one of ourselves!
We are so thankful for our risen savior of the world! Thankful that he took our place. Thankful that he gives us grace...every minute of every day!

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