Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Detective mommy?

Well I took Noah to the doctor again today. It seems these visits are becoming weekly, not because I have some over active need to take my kid in and be told everything is fine, but because I know there is something wrong before the doctors can even detect it. This past friday Noah was diagnosed over the phone with pink eye. Since I took him in today, the ARNP thinks he probably didn't have a classic pink eye, but rather an infection in the whole right side of his face. He is developing an ear infection in the left ear also, with the right ear already there. The good news is that we do not have to pry Noah's eys open to put drops in his eyes anymore. He is on Omnicef that will cover anything that is going on.

On a lighter note Noah is beginning to stand up without holding on!!!! Yesterday, Matt was standing with him and let go expecting him to sit down, but he stood there for 5secs or so. How exciting!!! Also, his second bottom tooth broke through last Monday (Jan 29th). Well I guess that is all for now...Wish Noah a happy 9 months birthday tomorrow!


Katie and Jimmy said...
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Katie and Jimmy said...

Poor baby. Hope he feels better soon.