Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Move and More

I just wanted to let everyone know that Matt and Peanut made it to Iowa safely and all of the stuff made it with only minor bumps and bruises. Noah and I stayed a few days with Baga Sue, then came down to stay with my mom. Next week we are going to be house sitting.
Before the move on May 27th, Noah got his first big boy haircut. He looks even more like his daddy now,as if he didn't before!
Noah before his first big hair cut
The first cut...
Look at all his curls...all gone!
Noah's new look! He looks so grown up.
All the hair after it was all finished.
Also, when we loaded Noah's carseat up in my mom's truck, we turned his seat around to face the front of the car. I think he likes it, but it also makes him complain louder because he can see us in the front seat.
Today we went to Kelli Jo's graduation party and found out that Becca is moving to G-ville to be a gator! Noah is getting more and more confidant walking around and will actually take your hand now and walk around. Also, I got my hair cut off again, a little shorter and spikier this time. When Matt gets some time I will have him load pictures of Noah's haircut and I will try to load up pictures of my haircut. Noah is going to Penny's next week for his 1yr pictures. I know it is a little late, but we are going to do them anyways. Well that is all I can think of for now...
This one is with it styled
This is just after a shower


James said...

Wow, you cut your hair again! I can't wait to see it. E-mail me a picture or post one on your blog. We miss you guys so much. I'll call you soon.

James said...

Your hair looks great!