Monday, May 21, 2007

Noah's First Movie

Last Friday, Noah and I went with Angie and Isabella to see Shrek 3 for Isabella's birthday. The previews were on when we arrived at the theatre and Noah got really excited at seeing all of the previews. He started kicking his legs and turning around to smile at me. He even joined in, eating popcorn right out of the bag like a little man. It was great. He watched for about an hour, took a brief nap, then woke up to see the end. He was a perfect angel.

Today we went to see Pepe, a renowned dog trainer to help Matt and I modify Peanut's behavior and learn how to be the alphas in the pack. I was really encouraged and we will be meeting with Kim, Pepe's assistant, on Friday to learn some more about this training method.

Noah is becoming more, and more confidant with his walking. Anytime he stands up he takes some steps. Sometimes one, and the most on record now is seven. By the time we fly up to Iowa, we will chasing him around I am sure. This should make the airport experience a little more interesting.

That is all for now...

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