Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our tour of Florida

When we arrived in Florida, Matt went and picked up our rental. We were very relieved that it had stow-n-go seats otherwise we may not have fit with all of our stuff (Matt, Noah, Mom, Amy, Brilei and I). We made it to my gramma's safe and sound. We had some good times with gramma and Barby before heading to Gainesville for New Years Eve. We stayed with Katie and Jimmy while we were in Gainesville and had a blast hanging out with everyone on New Years Eve at the Williams'. We were so into our game of "What if" that we missed the ball drop!

The next day we headed out to the Birketts' to watch the Gators play...yes, it was a loss, but the time wasn't. We had lots of fun catching up the last six months with everyone.

That afternoon we played some games and then went over for our "Christmas Dinner" with Dean. We ate some really good food and exchanged gifts, but Noah was getting tired and we need to put him to bed, so we went back to The Whitlocks for bedtime.

The following morning we headed back towards Tampa and had Christmas Dinner with my mom's family. Barby finished her original painting for Noah's wall! Here is Noah admiring his new piece of art.

We also enjoyed playing Bohnanza and Hurricane, which we borrowed from the Whitlocks. The following day, we saw David, Leigh Anne, Shay Lynn, and Tomi . Leigh Anne hosted a Pampered Chef party and recieved $215 dollars in free products and 3 1/2 off items!!! Her show also helped get me to $3000 in sales in Jan! It was so fun hanging out with the four of them for a little while.

Saturday, we headed to Withlacoochee River Park to gather with the Hughlett family. We ate like kings, because thats what the Hughletts do! It was great seeing everyone who was able to make it out to the park.These are a couple different group shots because some left early and some came a little later.

Charlie Showing Noah how it is done!

Noah showing Charlie how it is done...Just look at that form! For those who do not know, Charlie will be playing college football as a long far as I know, where is not decided yet.

Beautiful Julianne stops to pose for me.

That night we made our way to Gainesville and stayed with the Whitlocks again. Sunday morning we were able to go back to our church (the building) in Gainesville. It was nice getting to see everyone there. We also went out to eat after church with several of our friends. That afternoon I held a Pampered Chef Fundraiser for our Costa Rica mission team. If you do not already know, Matt and I are going to Costa Rica with the UF Christian Campus House in March. This fundraiser helped us in two ways.

My commision is paying for our trip and the fundraising money is going to be divided among the team. Matt and I are also going to try to organize a fundraiser breakfast or dinner to raise funds for our mission. Monday, we finally got to see Joel, Jen, and Evan. It was so good that they got in before we left because we were missing them terribly.

We also got to visit with Beth and Jordan on our tour and that was great too. We missed seeing a few people though. My dad and his family are he first ones we didn't get to see. We also missed seing my great friend Bran Dee, but I think she may come and visit us sometime! The last few days we spent with my gramma. While we were there, we had to take Noah back to the Dr. He still had an ear infection and she put him back on antibiotics. As I am writing this, I am preparing to take him back to the doctor because I think he may have an ear infection again. My gramma took us back to the airport and we made it home by 10pm that night.

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