Monday, January 21, 2008

Very eventful few over a month!

Hi all! I have really been neglecting the blog lately and there are plenty of people who are depending on me to keep this up so they can keep up with us! Matt and I have been enjoying recent success in our jobs. I just passed $5000 in sales with the Pampered Chef and Matt is adding new clients with his nutrition business.

Since the last post, so much has happened. Noah is continuing to have potty successes. On the 21st of December, we were blessed with a full house of guests. Dan and Lynn were planning to stay with us, but we were also fortunate to have Dave, Christa, Travis and Rebecca Jensen stay with us the night before and during the Jensen Christmas. The weather was bad so they asked if they could come up so that they would be able to be there for the Christmas celebrations. We told them that the inn wasn't full yet, so come on over.

After gifts were opened on the 22nd, the men went on a buffalo hunt. Grampa's buffalo had managed to escape and Matt, Marque, Dave Jensen and Grampa went on the chase. Needless to say, there we 4 very cold men when they were finished. We played some games, but the most enjoyed was definately "What if," a game that our good friend Jen Searby taught us. Some of the best rounds we wrote down. They are never as funny if you were not there, but for everyone who was there here they are:

Q: What if brown cows gave chocolate milk?
A: Then I'd diet.

Q: What if I were big?
A: Too bad!

Q: What if Nicole was a Bolin?
A: Christmas would smell different.

Q: What if Travis got an F on a paper?
A: Then we would have a funny funeral

Q: What if Christmas was everyday?
A: The more the merrier

Q: What if I could not think of a what if question?
A: I don't want to think about it!

Q: What if Anthony didn't like the Packers?
A: Then he'd be a Vikings fan

Q: What if football wasn't so important to men?
A: Kathy would be excited!

Q: What if it didn't snow?
A: Then I'd be mad.

Q: What if Mary (gramma) moved to Tx?
A: She wouldn't be so chubby

Q: What if gramma J couldn't cook?
A: That would be ok.

Q: What if Ashley was shy?
A: She'd be sick

Q: What if we all got snowed in?
A: It couldn't happen!

I think we have a video to post on someones camera. When I figure out whose, we will post it.

The following morning the Jensen's went to church with us in Waverly and then treated us to lunch at the Pizza Ranch (a pizza buffet in Waverly). Dave and Christa also brought gifts for their bed tax- habeneros, egg rolls, and homemade pestos. We haven't used any of them yet, but we are waiting on our oven to get fixed! It broke the Sunday morning when everyone was here. It has yet to be fixed, but the repair man is suppossed to be coming today...and snow is also on its way, so we will see which gets here first.

That same day, my mom (Noah's Baga), my sister Amy, and Brilei finally made it into Des Moines after hours of delays. We were so happy that their flight was not cancelled! We made it home that night around 1am. Then after we had all piled out of the car, we realized we had been locked out of the house. Matt found us a way in and we were so glad because we were all so ready for a bed. The next day we had Christmas with the Bolin clan. It was fun to have all of us together again. We had a great Christmas dinner Pam made and had fun opening gifts together. We were all pretty beat from our late night airport stay, so we headed out to get some rest for the Christmas eve festivities that night. We went to the Vineyard for the candlelight Christmas Eve service. Afterwards, we enjoyed chili and oyster stew Gramma Mary had prepared. The boys and Amy enjoyed playing guitar hero on Amy's wii and ther rest of us played "What if" again. We had some great laughs. When we went home, Mom, Amy and I did some last minute wrapping before Santa Clause was to come. Then we all headed to bed.

Christmas morning, we had fun watching Brilei open her presents. Noah like to open presents too, but his attention span just didn't hold as long. Mid-morning we went to Gramma and Grampa Bolin's house to celebrate with the extended Bolin family. We got to see all of the family there which was really great. When we left there, we headed home to get our warm stuff on so that we could go sledding in the Bolin's pasture, and did we ever! Everyone went down at the slopes and we all had a blast!

As for the rest of the time my family was here, we played scrabble at the Bolins which my mom and Amy proved to be a deadly team. On the 27th, we got to visit with the Harveys and played Cranium WOW! We also played "what if" again with the Bolins and we wrote down some of the favs from that round too.

Q: What if all of the Bolins could play the Star-Spangled Banner on the nose flute?
A: We would ask them to move to the next room

Q: What if Nicole bought a ring for James?
A: It would only crush James' spirit more in the end

Q: What if Nicole said "No?"
A: That wouldn't surprise me

Q: What is Brilei already graduated from Pre-K?
A: Then all that giberish would make some sense

Q: What if Obama was a republican?
A: He'd be on star search

My mom spent some time sewing while she was here. She made a little house for Noah that fits over top of the card table. He has a lot of fun in it. She also made the four of us girls scarfs that matched. We took Noah to the pediatrician and found out he had a throat and ear incfection. The following night, we took calzone to Gramma Mary's house (because our oven was broken). Noah ended up spiking a fever that read 103.2 on the thermometer under his arm when he yanked it out. Matt and I took him to the hospital and we were there for about 4 hrs. We found out one good piece of info- we could give him a higher dose of fever reducer.

The next day we went to church, then loaded all of our stuff up into the van (minus one of the seats) and headed to Des Moines to fly to warm Florida for 12 days.

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Jen and Joel Searby said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad yo had fun playing "what if?" Its always good for a laugh :) Wish you were here with us now in warm Florida!