Friday, July 18, 2008

The lost has been found...

Well I said that today was going to be a power posting day, but I did not know that it was going to be this big! While loading up some pictures from our other camera, I found some pictures that we took in May while we were down in Florida over Noah's birthday.

This is the creek that runs through Matt's parents "pasture." Doesn't look much like a creek or a pasture. This was the first time the creek flooded. The major floods actually came about 4-6 weeks after this.

There were lots of new, and some repeat experiences to be had in Florida.

A new trend in baby bathtubs...This is Noah's second time being bathed in a cooler. The first was at Dairy Expo last year. This is at the Searby's house. Not only stylish, but green too! Just think of all of the water we saved!

Playing in the swimming pool, or more like running around the swimming pool.

Driving the Golf Cart.

Picking- and eating- blueberries from Baga's blueberry bushes with cousin Brilei.

Two years old birthday party complete with hats and those blower thingies.

Sandy joins in on the fun...

The toy that made the ride home much more enjoyable...literally hours of fun!

And a new dessert from a Pampered Chef cookbook to finish the visit off- Warm Apple Tart Pastry, yummy!

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