Thursday, July 03, 2008

Garden, shower, and etc.

I took a few shots of our garden about a week ago and wanted to share them with you all.

From the left, three rows of lettuce, two rows of collards and two cucumber plants by the gate at the ends of the rows, then a row a baby asparagus, followed by collards and lettuce which are the original rows where we thinned from. Then onions, and the next row is partially sweet potatoes and partially broccoli. The following row is beefmaster tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalepenos. The last row is tomatoes also.

This past weekend we had a shower for Nicole, James' future wife. It was enjoyed by all in Pampered Chef style. Pam and Nicole made a cheese ball together...there were only a few mishaps;) I am so excited for Nicole and James and all of their new kitchen stuff.

Tuesday we went to Waverly and visited Dan Wardell, the PBS spokesperson in Iowa. It was a really cute presentation, but I think Noah was a little distracted by everything else around. He looks a little lsess than thrilled to be sitting in Dan's lap. Oh well.

One afternoon, Noah was lounging out in the grass with Sandy. It was so cute, but of course as soon as the camera came out he sat up. This is what was left of the moment.

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Mom said...

Wow! Your garden looks great! Keep on weedin'. I am so proud of ya'll!