Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going to the fair...

So for the past week, the Butler County Fair has been going on. Wednesday we went to watch Emily and Kelsey show their heifers and even witnessed Dave showing one. Noah had a dry diaper all day at the fair! Gramma Mavis and Grampa Neil treated us to ice cream at the dairy promoters booth. The following evening we were supposed to meet some friends at the fair, but they ended up having to deal with some stuff from the flood because their house was also flooded (different than the friends whose dog we are watching). So we went as a family and had a good time walking around looking at pigs, cows and rabbits at the fair. Noah did not think too much of the pigs even though mommy showed him it was ok to pet them. We got ice cream again and Noah just was a little ham eating it!

On Sunday it was back to the fair. Dave Jensen (Matt's 2nd cousin) and I were judges for the county fair cook-off contest and got to sample some really good grilling! We again got ice cream (only $1 for a double scoop!). This time Gramma Mary and Grampa Jensen treated us. It was fun to have ice cream three times in one week! This is a short video clip of Noah eating ice cream from a cone. It isn't quite as funny as seeing him do it in person, but you get the gist. He also refused to eat chocolate ice cream when there was strawberry and butter pecan to be had.

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