Thursday, June 26, 2008


For those of you who know the song, "Fishing in the dark" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt band, Matt and my rendition seems to be- "OO-OO-OO, you and me goin' gard-ning in the dark. Diggin' lil holes and thinin our plants, where the weeds always grow. Down by the cow lot in the pale moon light, we'll be squintin' really hard cause we need a little light, where the weeds seem to grow..."

Yes, that is right. This is actually the second time we have been working in our garden after the sun has gone down. Why you ask? It is a time when the pitter patter of little feet will not be seen trampling all of the plants we have worked so hard to get established. We go out after Noah's bath and bedtime and work way past dark. Last night we were out until 10pm thining and transplanting our lettuce. I think we probably have about 70 heads of Romaine and 50 bunches of Collards started; lookout farmer's market, here we come!

The other night escapades were when we planted our strawberry plugs. Needless to say, they were moldy when we took them out of the package and did not survive being planted in the ground. So no strawberries for the Bolin's this year- not home grown at least. We now have lettuce and collard green thinings transplanted to the area "where the red strawberries don't grow."

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Whitlocks said...

Thanks Ash...I've had that song stuck in my head now since I read your post yesterday!