Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Blogging?

Well my friend Julie is so diligent in blogging and besides being home with her little guy, also has many chores on the farm to do. You can check out her blog ten Hoeve's It is amazing to me for anyone to be able to get this done everyday especially when there is always so much going on.

On Saturday, we will become foster parents for awhile for our friends Allie and Andrew's little dog Zara. These are our friends who are newly married and their entire house is being gutted right now because of the floods. Sandy and Zara have already met a few times before when the Potratz's brought Zara over to play and they love each other. It will be nice for Sandy to have a play mate for awhile and for Zara too I am sure. So our family is growing again for a while, but only with a little fur ball!

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Gerben en Julie said...

Hi there...hihi I don't do it every day but it is fun to keep it up especialy with so many friends and familly in Europe! It makes communication a lot easier!
And you are doing a good job keeping it up, there are a lot of people who start one and just forget it....
Well I will see you someday, or you can come over if you want to...I am home most of the time!