Thursday, June 12, 2008

Singing in the rain...

Well, as everyone knows since it has been in the national news, Iowa is full of water right now. We live between two rivers, 5 miles from the Shell Rock, 12 miles from the Cedar. We have friends who now have to gut their house, our church also has to be gutted, and Pam and Dave have to gut their basement. We have also had water in our basement, but it doesn't have any "guts" so no problems there. This disaster is very stressful for everyone in the situation, so I would ask that everyone that isn't in the midst of the stress, pray for peace...and I guess anyone who is here can do the same.

In this picture, the building I marked with one dot is our church. Across the street (which is under water) from the church with two dots is Fareway where we do most of our grocery shopping. Across the river with three dots is the Post Office and the building with four dots is the movie theater. This picture was taken on Tuesday about 8 hrs before the river crested that evening. This is the Cedar River and we are about 12 miles from the bridge in the middle of the picture. The ripple in the water is the dam. If you can't see the dots I am talking about, double click on the picture to enlarge it.

This is especially stressful for the farmers here, who have acres of corn and beans underwater and hay fields uncut, and no hay for their cattle, which is their lively hood. So just remember that when you are complaining about rising food costs, the people who are supplying your food have flooded houses and fields and wish food were cheaper too. For a little more on rising food costs, check out this website. It may be may already know the info, but just for good measure check it out.

On a lighter note, Noah found out what mud puddles are a few days ago and we caught it on video. Hope it makes you smile and remember to sing in the rain.

I also have a video of Noah really going on about a bird that flew into the window. It was rather entertaining when it happened.

Just a few pictures of a beautiful sunset we had this past Sunday. The farm and house you see in the picture is where we live.


The Williams family said...

We will be praying for you, your families and friends. Glad you guys are high and somewhat dry. We miss you!

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