Monday, September 01, 2008

jalapeño, oh no!

Well, no exciting pictures to display for this one, but you will probably be glad once I explain the title. Matt and Noah were picking in the garden the other day when I ran out to pick up a book for my Christ Life Solution class that I am going to be participating in. If you want to more about that check out their site. As I pulled through the driveway and shouted my goodbyes to Noah, I see him eating something... a jalapeño. The first bite, the bottom tip, he was fine with and actually liked. As I drove off, Matt continued to monitor the situation. He told Noah not to eat any more and sure enough just like any good two year old does, he did exactly what he was told not to do. Maybe that is why positive commands work better. Anyhow, he took a huge bite out of the side of the "b(p)e-no" (a soft b sound that allows some air to pass through as a combination of maybe a 'p' and a 'b'?) as Noah likes to call them, seeds and all. It was just a few seconds later when the consequences of his actions caught up to him like a wildfire sweeping through the forest. And I am not talking about punishment from Daddy...daddy figured he was getting his punishment from the capsaicin in the seeds, and was he ever right! He started to scream...I am not sure of all of the details as to what happened next because like I said I was on my way out when the events started to unfold, but Noah seemed no worse for the ware when I arrived back home.

I couldn't have been more wrong. That night around midnight, Noah started to whimper a little. I figured bad dream, no big deal, he will go back to sleep. A few minutes later, I heard a gurgling noise and then a loud scream. As Matt and I jumped out of bed, I said- he just threw up! Sure enough the smell confirmed my assertions when we reached the top of the stairs. It was off to the laundry with the tigers (stuffed animals Noah sleeps with every night and plays with every day), sheets, bumper pad, pillow and pillowcase, blanket, and onesie to boot. And back into the bathtub with Noah to try to ease the smell off of his seemingly stained with the stench, skin.

Noah proceeded to be sick for the next 2 hrs and I thought all was well after I rocked him back to sleep and laid him in his freshly laundered bed. Wrong again! About 30 minutes after laying him down he was at it again. So, we went through the routine again and this time I decided to sleep with him in my arms for at least an hour (~4am) and then another 2 hrs on the couch. When 6 am, and the rising sun awoke me, I drug Matt from bed to help me get the little guy back to his place of rest for the remainder of the morning. What an adventure from such a small, little, pepper... makes me wonder why they don't put warnings on those things?!?!


Whitlocks said...

Poor little guy. Hope he is feeling better.

Ash said...

I say your were amply warned little guy...listen to your daddy!