Friday, September 05, 2008

Humble like...

When we planted our garden, Matt planted some sunflowers for me. It was exciting to see them coming up. Then as they towered over Noah, he found a haven for playing while Matt and I weeded in the garden. I wish I had a picture of that...but I guess there is still some time to get one. When the sunflowers bloom, they look so tall, proud. But then there is a change in their demeanor. Their petals wither, their flashy appearance fades. What they are left with is the substance which life is made of. Something for future generations. Life to be given through the seeds which are yet to finish forming. A little of the parent passed on to the next generation, whether the offspring like it or not. I think it is an interesting paradox. The way that children either embrace or reject their innate part of self that will never change because it is something that was passed down without the permission of the parent or the child. I wonder what I am passing on that will not sit right with my children? Or will they be able to love who they are? That is my prayer for Noah, and any other child(ren) we have. Realization of the person they are even if there are parts passed down that are less than desirable.

The sunflowers eventually lose their boastful attitude and bow before their maker. I wonder when that will happen to me, I pray that will happen for me and my family.

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Lynda said...


I often find God showing me things while gardening. Loved your thoughts on the sunflowers.
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