Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Our FL visit

Well I know that this post is way overdue, but I had to get some other stuff put done first. The day before we left Noah and I picked this gargantuan tomato from our garden.

Noah was the talk of the airport with the tiger wheely backpack that "Baga" gave him last Christmas.

When we got into the airport, my aunt came and picked us up which was such a blessing. The next day we went to Tampa to look at a car we were interested in buying (a Jetta TDI what we later did buy from someone else) but it was in terrible repair. I did however get some shoes that day that have alleviated all of the arch and heel pain that I was having on a daily basis. I am so glad I could make the investment because I am not in pain anymore.

The following day we headed up to Gainesville to the Searby Inn. This place has the best hospitality, I swear! They even ask what you would like to eat and who they should organize to come and see you while you are there. You couldn't ask for a more accommodating Inn! While there, we took a stroll up to the local consignment shop. We got Noah a few Gator things to sport while back in Iowa.

That afternoon we headed over to our favorite pizza joint, Satchels. Now if you have never been there, the scenery in and of itself is an experience. We had a great time sharing a meal with Joel, Jen and Evan. The boys even played well in the "little kitchen" they have for kids before the meal arrives.

Yep, you can enjoy your meal in the V-dub Van...

The coolest junk shop including trinkets from childhood...

Evan enjoyed his meal...Noah still looks hungry...somebody get that kid some more food before he eats his hand!

That evening the boys enjoyed bath time together. It is really funny because that weekend the Searbys went to visit the Whitlocks and took almost the identical photo of Evan and Isaac at the tub...

Looking at the same toy... thinking about sharing...

The next day we were honered to meet little Landon Bradford Williams born to Josh and Krystle Williams on Sept 16th...just in time for us to meet him! He seemes so teenie and I just cannot believe how little they all started out at some point. For pictures of Landon visit Krystle's blog...I didn't have my camera with me:( Jen and Joel hosted an open house for us and some of our friends got to stop by while we were in town. I actually got a picture of Kelly, Noah and I, so she makes the blog:)

Noah enjoying Baby Einstein on the Searby Inn couch.

We traveled back to Gramma's that night. The following evening we had a party to celebrate Mom, Gramma, and Aunt Barbara's birthday. Amy and Brilei came up and Mike, Helen and Julianne came over and joined in the festivities, too. The little ones had some much fun playing together. Noah even got included in on the playtime most of the time.
Happy Birthday!!!

Before Julianne arrived Noah and Brilei were looking for the other tiger...


I believe I will have some more of that!

Helen and his Big Boy Undies!

I know these are a little dark, but still cute videos of them all dancing...

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